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Medical Regulation GateMedical Regulation GateMedical Regulation Gate

Services in Turkey

  • Reviewing and submitting documents for the provincial health department for UTS (Product Tracking System).
  • Company registration in UTS and EBS-ESY (Electronic Application and Process Management System).
  • Taking part between manufacturer and TITCK (Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency).
  • Medical Device document, product registration to UTS.
  • Taking part in the translation of documents required during UTS registrations.
  • Document and label control in accordance with TITCK requirements.
  • Notifying TITCK of any changes in the product or information about the manufacturer.
  • Assisting manufacturers with notification of vigilance.
  • To follow the announcements made from UTS and TITCK’s website and if it is related to the manufacturer’s products, to inform the manufacturer and to take the necessary action with the manufacturer’s approval.
  • Providing consultation services for overseas manufacturers, local manufacturers, and importers regarding Medical Devices regulations in Turkey.
  • Application for importing and sending the samples to HA laboratories for the IVD Products.