SFDA’s Requirements For Safe Use Of Mammography

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SFDA has recently published Safe Use Of Mammography; Click here to read the official document.

Published on: 12th January, 2021



Highlights from this Document

Mammography is an effective method for screening breast cancer. However, there are safety implications of mammography equipment as they utilize X-rays, which are potentially dangerous, to produce images. Screening mammography services can be provided for indoor clinics and mobile sites.


Healthcare Providers shall comply with Safe Use Of Mammography SFDA Requirements to:

  • Increase the radiation protection of mammography X-ray facilities.
  • Increase public awareness of mammography screening benefits.
  • Minimize the number of patients referred unnecessarily for further tests and dose.
  • Ensure accurate detection of breast cancer.
  • Minimize the number of unnecessary invasive procedures.
  • Help keeps occupational exposures from radiation within applicable limits and as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA)
  • Limit the use of ionizing radiation and the use of non-ionizing radiation instead.


Page 3 to 5 lists the different requirements for Mammography-screening in healthcare facilities.

  1. General Requirements
  2. Requirements of Room Design.
  3. Availability of Records
  4. Quality Control (QC)
  5. Emergency Plans
  6. Van Or Portable Mammography






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